October 1, 2014

Layla's Name

Layla's birth parents gave her the name Layla. We couldn't imagine calling her by anything else. Eric asked her birth parents once if they named her after the Eric Clapton song. :) They didn't. They just liked it. Fair enough.

Her middle name had been Atlas. Which made me think she was destined to be a world traveler one day.

We talked as a family, though, and decided we would love to give her the middle name of my sweet grandma Allen, Belle. So we could call her L Belle. Layla's great-grandma Allen was a nurturer. She was sweet and organized. She loved shopping, but she was very frugal. She always loved kids. I remember her always being calm, soft spoken, and put together.

Layla's little personality already exhibits a similar disposition as a sweet nurturer.

At two years old, she became Layla Belle Allred.