September 12, 2014

the end of 101 in summer

At the close of those summer days, this is where we stood on our 101 in Summer: Every single thing checked off!

Well maybe we made a few adjustments here and there to our original ideas:

-family sleepover in the living room became family sleeps in our own beds
-replace rocks by swing set=swing
-visit Mt. Rainier=hike mt. pilchuck
-children's museum=children's toys played with
-invite a new family for dinner=invite a family for dinner
-make a Lego movie=play with Lego's
-listen to Alexander's Amazing Adventure=listen to music (we like listening to those, but we kept forgetting and only got to one of them)
-swim at the y=swim in our backyard
-swim at the aquatic center="swim" in a bubble bath
-Wild Waves=Be wild

All in all, by the end of two and half months of summer we had done 88 of the things listed (before we made those little adjustments). Not too bad! 

Here are some pictures from a few more of those adventures.

Flower World

Cascade Park (the ward campout, we didn't spend the night though because it rained. Eric does not camp in the rain.)

A drive by of the state fair on our way out of town. We left late and didn't get to stop like we had planned, but oh well, it counts I think. 

The kids completed the library reading program. 

More pictures Eric took at snoqualmie falls

We have done a lot of Lego ship building.

A nature scavenger hunt along the trail in our neighborhood

 Perry just gathered rocks. Which is nature, so that's ok.

Layla just liked picking the pink flowers.

On the tram at northwest trek

Our 5k along the sammamish river trail

Perry and I started on the bike so everyone would know where to go and if we split up someone could go back and forth and check on everyone. And because we only have one jogging stroller and Perry does better when he's not next to someone. During the 2nd half of our run, Eric got on the bike with Layla.

Isn't it pretty?

We finished! Some of us with better attitudes than others, but the point is we did something hard. together.

Probably the only good thing about Eric being the new Cubmaster is the fact that he gets a key to the church. (did I just say that out loud? I know,  I really should be more supportive of cub scouts). We took advantage of that fact and went down to put on a performance on the stage at the church one morning. Everyone picked a song and then performed on the stage by dancing, doing tricks, or bouncing a basketball. It was almost as good as watching America's Got Talent. But looked more like the 3 Stooges. It was good stuff. I loved every minute of it. The kids loved playing with the stage spotlights so all I got was some super blurry pictures on my phone. I was forbidden to record anything! :)

She twirled so hard she fell down.

Another twirl.

Kyler got all fancy with the glowstick he found in the car. It actually looked really cool in the dark.

Kacin was forbidden to record anything, too. But here's proof I danced with Layla. Ha ha.

 Paper Airplane flying contest

We had a lot of fun this summer! The list motivated us to get out and do some different things. I liked that. But I also think we should be a bit less ambitious next time and include more simple things (like playdough or trampoline jumping contest, things that are fun but simple.)
Holly Decker said...

man i love you. i love this blog.
i totally want to be you when i grow up. actually, i want to be you NOW, but i am so far from it- so i will just hope that one magical day....
anyways, i am copying this 101 list idea. deal with it.