September 5, 2014

Perry's 4th birthday in Leavenworth

My little guy is 4! This boy evokes so many emotions in me--the greatest being love. I love my little guy with all my heart. He is a mama's boy. I love his sweet smile, his cuddles, watching him play, when he "lectures" everyone else when they are in trouble, his independence, his concern, and his excitement.  My heart just melts when I hear him sing. When he's singing, whether it be at church, in the car, or at home, you can't help but smile and feel happy. He brings us so much joy.

We got to celebrate Perry's 4th birthday while we were at Leavenworth.

He was a little shy about it. Charlotte was excited for him and told everyone it was his birthday first thing in the morning. She rushed over and told him happy birthday a few times. He looked at her and yelled "stop it!"

He warmed up to the idea of his birthday and all this attention when he got to pick out the cake (chocolate) and he saw the decorations ("my cars birthday").

We started and ended his birthday celebration outside. We started with balloon rockets and ended with water play.

In between all of that outside fun, there was cake, ice cream, and presents.

It's often blocked by the gifts in these pictures, but Perry has the best facial expressions ever.

Happy, happy birthday to you, Perry! We love you!!
Jenna Allen said...

Perry is so cute!!! Happy birthday to him!!