September 9, 2014

Leavenworth, the rest

While in Leavenworth. . .

The men spent a morning golfing.

The women spent a morning goofy golfing. (Or putt-putt or miniature golfing or whatever it is you call it. Is it an arizona thing to call it goofy golfing?? Or just a me thing? )

We did some pretty sweet camera balancing on the rocks to get a picture.

Photo: Fun girls morning today... Waffles,miniature golf and shopping. #friends #puttputt #ilost  #thekovarway

We had so much fun while we were in Leavenworth with these friends. It was relaxing and fun. We stayed up late playing games, hot tubbing, talking, and star gazing.

Eric sent me this only picture he took on his phone at Leavenworth. Ha-I look so tired! I am not a night owl. Especially not late on the third night after all that fun. 

Our kids had such a great time, too! They just don't do well in nice group pictures. :)

We decided to gather for a group picture our last night. It sounded like too much work to change clothes so we had some of us still in swimsuits and some of us in pajamas ready for bed!

Our "silly" is actually quite scary.

We love these guys! We hope these yearly trips continue.