September 23, 2014

Kacin's Name

Kacin was three, almost four, when our adoption was finalized.

This three year old was a bundle of energy, fun, and love. The name Kacin just fit him well.  We honestly didn't even consider other names. We kept the spelling the same, too. Like with Kyler's name, we wanted him to have something from his birth parents and something from us.

The boys' birth dad's name begins with a "K" and ends with an "in". Ky, Kacin and their older brother's names all followed the same pattern --a "K" name ending with "in". It might have been a lot confusing when all three boys were together, but it was a nice connection.

Since he kept his first name from his birth parents, we changed his middle name to be Allen, my maiden name. He carries on the Allen name proudly. It's a name that represents fun, honesty, adventure, integrity, service, kindness, silliness, and love.

He became Kacin Allen Allred.

He wears the name wonderfully.