September 15, 2014

Cascade fun in the sun

We are feeling spoiled with all this sunny, beautiful weather here still. I'm not complaining. The sun and warm afternoons can stay as long as they like. It meant we got to spend an afternoon at cascade park (the church property not too far from us). This place is a blast. We camped here last year. We played on the slip n slide, in the river, and did archery.

I couldn't narrow down these pictures--the facial expressions are too good!

If you go off into the grass, like Ky accidentally did here, it hurts reeaaal bad. So you know.

While her brothers were all about this slip n slide (for awhile I wasn't sure how we were going to drag Perry away when it was time to head to the river), Layla was much more cautious. I only got her to go down with me twice this year.

We went down to the river.

Before heading home, we played Robin Hood and Katniss at the archery station.