August 5, 2014

while my parents were here

I was so grateful that my parents took care of our boys for a week each. But they reached hero status when they drove Kacin all the way back home in time for 4th of July bbq and fireworks.

I was glad they ended up staying for a week. And especially that it ended up being the week that Eric was gone on his own adventures.

While my parents were here,

I took my mom to a sip and paint class.

We rode a ferry and explored Bremerton.

We went to the navy museum, a farmer's market, and looked out at lots of boats and beautiful water.

We went on a little hike, ate at Ivar's, and tried to find a flower field. And they watched my kids plenty of times when I was taking P to therapy and to his dr. appointments.

So glad they were able to spend a week with us!