August 29, 2014

These Days

Layla greets me every morning with a smile and a "good morning, I got my grumpies out".

We met Kyler and Kacin's teachers at their back to school night. I just can not believe they are headed into 4th and 5th grade.

I am not ready for summer to end next week. I don't want it to happen yet. Can't we have another month? The only thing that consoles me is the fact that maybe it will mean quieter afternoons for me and some sort of schedule for my littles.

I took each of my kids on a date for some back to school shopping. L got a little shafted though because her "date" ended up being with all the boys, too. We had some time in the morning to run some errands so last minute I took everyone to a store, too and that's when she picked out her backpack for preschool. And all the boys got some things too. I think I owe her an ice cream date now.

Perry has learned to love the trampoline. He asks to go outside and jump everyday. He has gotten good at jumping and landing on his bottom.

Sometimes my mommy guilt sets in. I start to focus too much on the mistakes I make and not enough on the fact that I am trying. Within that trying sometimes I do good and sometimes I completely fail, but the point is I keep trying.  I'm grateful that within families there is so much love and forgiveness.

We stopped and walked around Lake Tye on our way home from Leavenworth. Walking around a lake was one of our things on our list of 101 for the summer. {to be real, that list has caused me a bit of anxiety. Maybe more on that point later.} I'm glad we put that one on the list though. We walked. and talked. And my older boys held my hands as we walked. and talked. And that kind of thing doesn't happen too often anymore since they've "grown up". It was one of those perfectly wonderful moments of motherhood.

It's been 8 months since our adoption. We FINALLY got Layla and Perry's birth certificates in the mail. Not having those birth certificates has held up a lot of other paperwork we need to do. And it's just really nice to see our names listed as their parents on that official document. The only problem being, they misspelled our last name on one of the certificates! Ay yi yi. Hopefully it will be less than 8 months to correct that little mistake.