August 28, 2014

Pike Place

There is so much to take in at Pike's Place Market--the bright colors of produce, fresh flowers, jewelry, and art. You observe the variety of people, from all sorts of walks of life, browsing, vending, or performing. You get big whiffs of fish, or the much more pleasant donuts, depending on where you stand. You dodge through crowds to get to your sample of chocolate pasta. It is busy, noisy, and oh so fun.

Of all the things to see, hear, or experience, I think we found Perry's favorite one--the street performers. Particularly, the musicians.

Perry watched intently, clapped or sang along at each one.

Then he decided to join their ranks and earned himself 50 cents for his dance and song.

Pike Place from Laura on Vimeo.

An older man, after laughing and snapping pictures of Perry's performance during the music, handed him two quarters. We have ourselves a little performer here!

Another favorite sight of the market is the gum wall. The germ-infested, bright and beautiful gum wall.