August 13, 2014

Mount St. Helen's

We live near two big volcano's. It was about time for us to learn a bit about them. We chose Mount St. Helen's as the one to visit.

We stopped at four places along the way to learn more about the history of mount st helen's before getting to the observatory. We learned some interesting facts from all the signs, pictures, and a video.

We couldn't see much along the way with all the fog, but occasionally it would clear for a min.

We liked the park at one of the visitor's centers, too.

Kyler made it look intense.

We were glad that once we got to the observatory it had cleared enough for us to see the crater.

Next we drove to the south side of Mount St. Helen's to hike a lava tube, Ape Caves. We all loved this! 3/4 mile walk in the dark. well, in the dark with flashlights and glow sticks. Super great place to go!

On our way out of the caves.

And finally, we couldn't resist a picture with big foot.