August 26, 2014


Kalaloch has become my happy place. It is such a beautiful place to relax and enjoy trees, sunsets, sand, and water. And last year it signified that we CAN vacation and camp as a family, so it holds a dear place in my heart for that very reason. And we love being surrounded by good friends while there.

We camped right next to the Dabell's for our 4 nights there. Layla loved having Ava there. The other day Layla included Ava when she named off members of our family. She likes her sweet friend.

And Kacin liked that Dickson humored him for a few min. when he asked for a ride in the hiking backpack when we went on a short hike near the campsite.


It was quite windy and chilly our first day on the beach, but that didn't stop anyone from having fun.

The boys tried out our new skim board.

The littles were quite content throwing rocks and running from the waves.


Rescued by daddy.

We spent a morning on Ruby beach when the tide was low.

We did some hiking and picnicking in the Hoh Rainforest (and climbing over the bridge to cool down in a creek).

 It was a warm day and we couldn't resist finding a spot along the river to play. Even if we had to jump in in our clothes.

That night, we gathered on the beach for a bonfire at sunset. Now that was a gorgeous view to soak in.

The Schilaty crew

The girls: Laura S., Me,  Mindy (and baby Everett)

The next day, we ended up at a nearby lake. All the boys took "showers".

Then we spent the rest of the day at the beach.

Kite flying

We had a much bigger campsite than last year. Perry did sooo much better than last year, too. He wasn't stuck on the cars this time. We went on lots of bike rides around the campsite. Kyler and Kacin spent a lot of time with the Nielsen's and their cousins. They even had a secret boys spot in the trees near the beach. Layla was a pill to get to sleep at night. We cooked much better meals and were much better prepared than last year. We played games with the Nielsen's, once at their campsite and once at ours. We ate s'mores with oreos instead of graham crackers. We had a great spot for our hammock. I did a lot of reading (well, more than I have been able to do for a long time). And by the end of the week, everything was covered in sand.