August 6, 2014

I'm 30

I have had 30 years of life.
30 used to sound soooo old.
Now it is here
and I am just fine with being 30.
And isn't it funny that even 40 doesn't sound so old anymore.
I have done a lot and experienced a lot.
I made a commitment to myself  a looong time ago to live with no regrets,
to be thoughtful about my decisions and experience life to the fullest possible.
For the most part, I feel I have done just that.
My 30's are here! 
I'm ready for all that they may bring.

To celebrate, we hosted a murder mystery party. As it always seems to go, I was so busy getting things ready and then hosting the party that I only snapped a couple of pictures. 
There were 28 of us there in our backyard for a night of 1980's murder and mystery.

I was Molly Mingmold and Eric was Alligator Dundee.

I should've been born a red head.

The boys wanted in on this red head action.

I assigned out the characters without looking at what exactly would happen. And it just so happened that it was Eric who was murdered. By a rubiks cube to the head.

Two days later Eric and I went on a bike ride for our date night. 
I throw that in here because I threw the "it's my birthday tomorrow so can we please do what I want to do tonight" card.

Isn't he a stud?

On my birthday morning, Eric and the boys made breakfast and gave me sweet gifts. And then I was frantically getting my stuff together to head off to girls camp.
We managed to meet at Target and eat pretzels for lunch before I drove the rest of the way to cascade park.
Our attempt at a photo in target. :)

Kyler made me the necklace I am wearing. :) :)

I was feeling pretty sad all morning to be leaving my family for the week.

I was so glad that they surprised me and came up to camp a few hours later.
Anna asked me to come with her to help her get a few more things and when we got over by the cars there was my sweet family with a big birthday cake and a few other leaders and girls to sing happy birthday. I was just thrilled to get to give Eric and my kids hugs again. 

And that is one happy 30th birthday.