August 8, 2014

back at it

After four weeks off (thanks to amazing benefits of microsoft he had paternity leave to use because of our adoption), Eric went back to work this week.

That was brutal.

Everyone got so used to seeing him in the morning at breakfast. We loved having him around all day. And then eating with him at night.

Now we are back to just an hour or two with dad before bed.

There were tears that first day. When Perry woke up on Monday morning and asked for dad and he wasn't there, there were tears. When Layla fell down and bumped her leg and daddy wasn't there to comfort her, there were tears. When I was trying to cook dinner and Perry was having a scary meltdown, Layla needed help in the bathroom, and the boys had cool lego projects to show, I was very close to tears myself. It was a hard blow to all of us having Eric back at work.

I loved seeing E so relaxed. I loved impromptu waterfights, wrestling, and cuddles. I loved having E there to talk to. I loved all of our adventures and outings (who am I kidding, and having someone help me to load up the car and the kids and help with bathroom trips, tantrums, and fighting).

We are at the end of the first week back. Things are falling back into place as they were before magical july. We are doing fine now. But those four weeks were such a gift. Dad time, family time, is so precious. It made for an amazing, memorable summer.