August 1, 2014

101 in Summer

In summer's past I have held us together with a summer schedule of homeschool and relaxing, earning points and adventures. It always worked so well for us.

This year was different.

Eric got 4 weeks of paid paternity leave to be used within a year of our adoption. He took the month of July off. We knew that would make our summer a bit unpredictable and busy. We adjusted our summer routine to match his time off. Oh how I love that he got 4 weeks off! It helped to balance how much he works and commutes the rest of the year.

We made a list of 101 In Summer. Essentially, it is our bucket list/to-do list for the two and half months we have off of school. Everyone contributed ideas. For example, watch Tangled (Layla), go swimming (Perry), paint the front porch (mom and dad), camp at Kalaloch (mom and dad), stay up until midnight (Kyler), pillow fight (Kacin), etc.

We have been checking things off left and right. And crossing things out and changing them if we changed our minds :). It's been a fun way to set some goals, have some adventures, and spend time as a family.

Lest you think my kids got out of homeschool, they did not. It just has become a must do on the days we take Perry to therapy. In theory, three days a week for about two hours while we sit in the waiting room they work on spelling, vocab, math facts, researching history and science topics, and doing art. I say in theory because between house guests, Perry's finger, and family vacations I don't think we have made it to therapy all three days each week.

Layla doesn't have the same work as the boys, but she has her own tasks to do while Perry is at therapy. She sings songs with me, reads a book, and practices her name.