August 19, 2014

101 in Summer update, according to my phone

One by one we are checking off our 101 in summer.

We've built forts.

We've wandered through botanical gardens. And sat on just about every bench along the paths.

When we came to the suspension bridge, the boys tried their hardest to scare me by jumping and rocking it.

We visited Mukilteo Lighthouse.

Each of the kids painted a canvas. I get to hang these in my room with the ones the boys did a few years ago. :)

Perry kept going for the two paintbrush approach.

I took my older boys to an Aquasox baseball game.

The boys joined the group of kids who got to walk onto the field to sing "Take me out to the ball game" during the 7th inning stretch. Guess who led the line of kids out? My Kacin of course. That boy manages the front or first everywhere he goes. :)

Some things we've done weren't on our list, but they may have to replace things, like the day at Wild Waves we never squeezed in. Jumping on the trampoline with soap is a good replacement.

 I feel so blessed that we've had so many great adventures together this summer!

With about two weeks left of summer, we have 34 more things to do. Whoo. Can we do it??