July 25, 2014

visit with Grandparents

I know Kyler and Kacin each thoroughly enjoyed their individual weeks with their grandparents. They were both excited for time with grandma and grandpa and looked forward to playing games, kayaking, and other adventures. They also both needed some time to themselves. Our house is crazy and loud sometimes. I wish the boys had more quiet time and space, but our house and our schedule and our littlest ones do not allow for that at this point in life. We wanted them both to relax and rest. They looked forward to a little bit of that, too. Kyler was excited for some uninterrupted screen time and Kacin was thrilled to have a few days without screaming (from a little sibling). Though Kacin soon discovered that he missed those little siblings even with all the noise they bring. They both got a little homesick, but had a wonderful time. My mom sent just a few pictures from their weeks.