July 24, 2014

the 4th of July

Before August gets here, I better prove we celebrated the 4th of July and our wonderful country. Even if all I have to show for it is a couple of iphone pics.

We went to our ward breakfast in the morning and had friends over in the evening. The weather turned much colder than it had been and was raining by dinner time, but that didn't stop the Todd kids and the Allred kids from throwing waterballoons and jumping into a really, really cold blow up pool. 

At night fall we were outside sitting in our cul-de-sac with a mountain of fireworks to set off.
Kyler and Kacin are little pyros out there setting off all the fireworks.
Layla got as close as we would let her.
Perry was put on restraining order in my lap to keep him safe.
They all loved the fireworks.

One of the greatest things about where we live is the fireworks. 
We sat on our street and had a 360 degree view of huge fireworks lighting the sky.
It sounds like a war zone and is absolutely beautiful.