July 23, 2014

P's mitten cast

At the end of June, we bought two blow up pools at Target. We dreamed that the rest of our summer would be spent outside staying cool and entertained with splashing and scooping water, sprinklers, jumping and playing.

We got one day of this.

And then we had Perry's finger incident. We were forbidden to get it wet.

All of our dreams were shattered.

Ok, maybe not that dramatic, but we were thrown for a loop and had to alter a lot of our plans and activities.

It's been three weeks since his surgery and we go into the dr today to get his cast off. Here' to hoping it looks good, healed well, and no more water restrictions!

Speaking of his cast, here he is decorating that white mitten (no color choices for us with this softer cast). Kyler blinged it up with pictures of cars and Perry scribbled all over it.

I guess it hasn't held him back too much. He figured out his bubble blower and played just as rough and tumble as ever.

Off to the dr now! Let's hope it's good news.