July 20, 2014

goodbye and thank you

For the past year and a half Ms. Lana has been an important part of our lives. She came into our home weekly for birth to three services until Perry's third birthday. Then for the past year we have seen her about once a month. When Layla's third birthday was approaching we said a sad goodbye.

Lana is amazing at what she does. She is a wonderful person. I do not think we would have survived that first year without her support and ideas. She was someone to talk through behavior issues and developmental concerns. She helped us develop plans and to notice the growth and change. I can't even put into words how truly grateful we are for all that she did. She was a light each week during a very challenging time. 

It was hard to say goodbye, but I'm sure we will stay in touch.

All I got were these blurry pictures of the last time we will sing the goodbye song with her.
"Hickory, dickory, dock. 
The time has come to stop.
It's time to stop"

Thanks for everything, Lana!