July 29, 2014

Baby Layla

My baby Layla.
Isn't she precious?

Her birthmom sent us these pictures from when she was a little baby.
I am in love.

The little one was just over 5 pounds when she was born almost two months early.
She hit her birth mom's pelvis on the way out and bruised her face.

I wish could've snuggled my teeny tiny baby girl.

I'm so grateful to have these baby pictures!
What a treasure for our family.

Again, we are so glad that you were born three years ago, Layla!

July 28, 2014

Layla is 3

It seems selfish and silly, but it makes me heart sing a little the moment I realize my kids have known me the longest of their earthly moms. I got this sweet little girl when she was 14 months old and we just celebrated her 3rd birthday which means she has been mine for the majority of her life. And I love being her mother. She has been the biggest light and blessing to our family since the day she arrived. 

Yes that is a milk mustache on her face. :)

She talked about her "pink" birthday for months before it happened. "Pinkalicious" is her favorite book so a pink birthday party was very fitting.

She made her own invitations. Except I never handed them out. I'm that good of a mom. I ended up texting to invite a few of her friends. She had fun making those pink sparkly things anyways. 

Everything was pinkalicious!

My dad took Perry to the park so there were four little girls who played with pink playdough, ate pink cupcakes, danced in pink tu-tus, and played with pink balloons.

When E and the boys got home from backpacking, they joined in the celebration of their 3 year old sister/daughter.
She got to blow out candles again for the family to see.

Happy birthday sweet, L Belle!

July 27, 2014

boys backpacking

To kick off Eric's paternity leave, he took Kyler and Kacin backpacking for the weekend.

The boys' packs were as big as them.

They went to Monte Cristo which is about a four mile hike. They came back home with stories of campfires, sticks, hiking, and jumping into cold rivers. Ky and Kacin both came home with scratches, cuts and bruises. It was a manly trip.

They went with our friend Dickson, his brother, and his dad.