June 27, 2014

These Days

I have started researching some more safety products to keep our little guy in the car. I have a deep love for the people who invented locks on the windows and child locks on the doors and now I am looking for someone who has invented a net or shield to surround a rider in the car who often hits whoever is next to him, throws shoes and sippy cups, and blows snot all over his face and wipes it on windows and people within his reach. Sometimes he is a great little rider, and sometimes not so we all desperately wish for that shield. In the meantime, we have discovered Angel Guard car seat button covers that have helped to solve the problem of keeping his seatbelt on now that he has outgrown his carseat. That worked well for awhile until he learned he could reach over and unlock Layla's carseat. And then he discovered he could stretch out the seatbelt and climb under without unbuckling it. So we are back to looking for carseats with a harness for bigger children. (and before you start judging--yes we have tried talking about it, praising, consequences, redirecting, ignoring the behavior, etc.)

Perry says his name perfectly now. You can ask "What's your name?" and as clear as can be and with a cute smile on his face he replies "Perry" with a beautiful "R" sound.

Layla and Perry love playing together. Layla grabs Perry's hand and leads him with a "come on, Perry". Perry likewise asks "where's A-ya?" when she's not around. These cuties are always with bags in hand and backpacks on backs. Which means they always have an assortment of toys with them and strewn about the house.

Sometimes Layla plays school, too.

But my favorite game is when they put me on the couch or into my bed and sing me lullaby, give me a kiss, and tell me it's sleep time. I don't mind that game one bit. :)

Kacin caught this guy on his head one day while at gymnastics.

 We went to a Frozen party at a friend's house.

Have I ever posted a picture of this sculpture before? Kacin made it years ago at school. We both can't remember what animal it was supposed to be. But I will never forget the day that Kacin decided it wasn't worthy of his shelf in his room and said it was the weirdest blob he'd ever made. I tried so hard to keep a straight face, but at the same time I totally meant it when I told him how much I loved his work and creativity and so it came to the shelf in my room. Since that day every time my eyes rest on it on my bookshelf I smile and chuckle and think of sweet, little Kacin. Aren't sculptures like this a perk of motherhood?

We are enjoying the slower pace of our first week of summer vacation. There has been a lot of reading and laying around, a lot of time at parks, a lot of playing with toys, and a lot of tv. We had a fun day with friends at the zoo, too.  

Jen said...

Sorry if this posts twice...

Did you find him a car seat?? How much does he weigh ?

Laura said...

He is about 45 pounds. Do you know of something good, Jen?