June 4, 2014

these days

Kyler and Kacin have come of age. Twice now they have shared mowing the lawn. I love their enthusiasm for this task. They begged to be allowed. So proud of these guys.

Sweetness in my shopping cart.

Perry doing his "work", he called it.
And a messy living room. It pretty much looks like this all of the time. Tidy lasts 5 min. around here.

My cute helper in the kitchen. He has really taken to cooking.

The raingutter regatta happened one evening. Kacin battled asthma and a too big sail, but stuck with it 'til the end. They both had some cool looking boats. Kyler may have been a tad bit glad that this was his last regatta. He's just getting so old.

The school year is winding down. I teach two more days. Perry goes to school for 5 more days. The older boys have 10 more days. I have mixed feelings. I am mostly excited and ready, and partly feeling unsure if I can be a patient mom all day long every day. If I could catch some time to finalize some summer plans I think I would be feeling better. Actually, I'll probably just feel better in the morning once I have rested and my head isn't spinning from dealing with pee all over the couch and hearing screaming the 30 min.to therapy and wiping smeared snot from someone's face and hair and piles of stuff a little girl has made in multiple areas of the house as she plays "trip" and "school' and motor skills evaluations, and grumpy kids and grumpy me. Oh how I'm thankful for fresh starts in the morning. And I'm thankful I can sit down here and look at pictures and remember all of the good in my little life. There is so much hard and so much good. I need to keep my thoughts on the good and laugh at some of the craziness and that is a key to happiness when things are challenging.  We can do this.