June 23, 2014

Last Days of School

Perry grew so much this school year! We were so glad that by the end of the year he loved going to school and getting on the bus and got so excited when we mentioned his teachers or anything about school. He loved teacher Diane and the four other teachers he worked with in the classroom and for pullout services.

I had my last day of preschool. We had a teddy bear picnic, a little program, and the presenting of certificates. It was a fun group of kids! I'm sure going to miss those little ones who are heading off to kindergarten in the fall. Some of them I have had the last two years. I'm looking forward to another year with some of these guys.

My 3rd grader and 4th grader each made it through another year just splendidly.
They were so ready for that last day of school.

Two days before the last day, these three boys put their minds together and planned out an end of the school year party for a few friends.
I would be lying through my teeth if I said that this planning session was smooth and productive and all warm fuzzies. 
 But it was a great opportunity for some learning on empathy and compromise and communication. 

And in the end they pulled it all together and threw a super fun party that went according to their plan.
There was gaga ball, xbox kinect sports, the Categories game, cookie ice cream sandwiches, Legos, and playing outside. 

Yay for summer!