June 3, 2014

If you pick a fight with a squirrel . . .

If you pick a fight with a squirrel,

you are going to get bit.

It was the squirrel who started it.
He was running all over the chicken coop and trying to get into the chickens food.
Eric saw it through the window so he went outside to scare it away.
It didn't move when he went out there, so he threw a pine cone at it.  And he hit it.
The squirrel still didn't go away so Eric decided to take a stick to it.
He picked up the stick and swung and the squirrel jumped on E's shoulder, bit him in the ear, and scurried away.

While the two marks on E's ear lobe bled a lot, he is not yet foaming from the mouth.

Eric gets some gnarly injuries because of chickens here.
Barb said...

Um, in all seriousness, rabies could be gotten from said squirrel. Just saying. Kuddos to E for his manly protection of his home!