June 18, 2014

a Piano Recital and Spring Concert

On back to back nights, the boys performed in their school spring concert and in their piano recital.

It was another wonderful piano recital. The boys have been much more diligent about practicing (probably because I have actually been on them about it). They did a great job with their songs, a few mistakes but they stayed confident and recovered nicely. I'm just so proud of these boys. And grateful for their great, patient teacher.

We weren't sure if our entire family would make it to the spring concert. Let's just say it was a rough day for my P man. We thought for sure one of us would be in the car with him, but luckily we were able to sit in the balcony without anyone behind us for a few rows so Layla and Perry and a little friend sitting across from us were able to wonder up and down the stairs and try out all the chairs and so for the most part Eric and I actually got to watch the concert. The music teacher at the elementary school is amazing! She put together such a great concert. 

Kacin is in the 2nd row in the middle

Kacin is playing the xylophone in the front middle

Kyler is playing xylophone in the back right

One of the songs the 4th grade sang was "What does the Frog say?" Their school mascot is a frog. Kyler is on the left side, 2nd row next to boy in blue.

Such studs.