May 30, 2014

sealing celebration

Even though it feels to me like we've celebrated this numerous times this year (here and here), the boys were pretty bummed when they realized we passed by their own sealing day in April without so much as a piece of cake. This led to a family meeting in which we decided that from this day forward all adoption/sealing celebrations (no matter what day you were actually sealed/adopted on) will be held henceforth and forever on the Saturday before Memorial day. 

So we got another celebration in this year. Yay for family!

On Saturday afternoon we drove to Bellevue. We went in to Deseret book store and let each kid pick out a small picture (keeping it real--by the end of the day Layla had ripped/chewed her picture of Jesus to shreds, and Perry didn't even make it to the picture choosing because of his screams and had to be escorted to the car).

But we stopped by DQ and everyone got dilly bars and peace was restored.

They ate them at the Seattle temple while Eric shared a short message about temples and sealing. 

It is always good to be reminded of how much it means to be a forever family. I love these people, and celebrating with them.