May 31, 2014

Out Walking

I sometimes get mad or frustrated or tired, or just plain have a lot on my mind. 
My best remedy is to go out on a long walk.

Walks during this time of year are wonderful. It is warm and beautiful outside. I love the trails near our house because we get to walk through pretty paths.

Layla picks flowers as we walk through. She fell asleep in the stroller one afternoon clutching them.

Look at this beautiful sky.

One day when I was out with Perry a nice lady was gardening in her yard and let him pick some of her flowers.

We have also spent a couple of afternoons walking through the forest trails behind the park.

We have an extra one with us each afternoon after school and he is so sweet with our littles.

 Even though Kacin and Kyler aren't always thrilled to have a shadow, they do really well when Perry wants to stay right with them. Perry adores his big brothers and wants to do what they are doing and be right with them.

Which means I get to follow this cute one around.