May 13, 2014

Mother's day

I gave myself permission to throw my to-do lists out the window for a few days. There was a women's retreat friday through saturday and then mother's day. It made for a nice weekend, that carried over through Monday, too. Without feeling guilty I even laid around yesterday afternoon after P's therapy and watched a show. I don't usually get a rest like that in the afternoon, where I don't think about anything that is going to happen or needs to happen or has already happened. I should give myself permission to do that more often.

My mother's day was so wonderful. I am lucky to be mom to these four and to have so many great women and mothers who surround me.




My mother's day morning I slept in and then was led downstairs to a lovely table and breakfast. I loved the sweet notes from my kids and Eric and hugs from each of them.

cards from Layla, Perry, and Eric
portrait of me by Kacin
coaster made by Kyler
I can't make it through a mother's day without thinking about how much pain the day used to bring. There are so many women out there who righteously desire to bear children. I'm so grateful for adoption and modern medicine so that when the time is right many who experience infertility can be moms. But I do believe that motherhood in all its forms, as a neighbor, an aunt, a teacher, or a friend is most important work and refines and blesses.