May 21, 2014

a Perry post

It seem like every four months or so Perry takes a few big steps forward, and right now we are in the midst of a big leap!

It's so exciting to be his mom.  I get to see so much progress on the things we've been working on at home, at therapy, and at school. 

The biggest news: he is calling Eric daddy now! 
Sometimes he reverts back to calling him mama, but if we say dad he will repeat dad. Oh, happy day!

He is eating at the table better. He is imitating our actions and words. He is responding to "first _(do this)_ then _(you can do that)__" He is speaking more clearly and deliberately. ("No curtain" "want that one" "where's the bus" "Perry truck" "green car") 

The other day we were going to the park. I got him out of his car seat first. When I told him I needed to get Layla out of the car next he answered "get Layla". He followed my directions to walk with me to the other side of the car. He waited patiently. And when I asked him to hold Layla's hand as we walked to the park, he did it! Maybe it seems like a small thing, but my heart was soaring! He listened, he understood, he was in control, he followed directions, he responded. 

Perry loves being dad's sidekick these days. Whether yard work, fixing broken doors, or fixing the dishwasher Perry is right next to E "helping" him.

This boy changes his clothes at least twice a day. His favorite choice of clothes: sweatpants. on backwards.

Three bedtime stories is not enough for this boy. He wants more books. and more books.

He gives the cutest kisses and hugs. I love when he is feeling cuddly and wraps his arms tightly around you.

He is obsessed with our new truck. He wants to live in it I think.

I love all of his facial expressions, even the mad ones.

He goes to a parent-child gymnastics class once a week. Eric and I take turns bringing him. We need to focus more on his motor development so we enrolled him in the class. He is used to the routine now when he goes with me and does well.

Love this sweet boy!
Jenna said...

Oh this is all MARVELOUS!!

Stefanie Hyer said...

Awe!!! I love him! He is so cute and sweet! I'm so glad he is making those big steps forward! And no they are not small... Sometimes the smallest steps are actually the biggest moments!

Stefanie Hyer said...

Oh and Preston's favorite pants are camouflage sweat pants... Perry should get some too!

Natalie said...

Love that boy!