May 26, 2014

a Layla post

According to Layla, if anything has the color pink on it, it is hers.

Her favorite friend is Ava. She loves her brothers.

She is the best shopper and helper.

She is often found playing with her babies, minnie mouse, barbies, or stuffed animals.

She often refers to herself as Layla Belle. Sometimes Layla Allred.

She loves Tangled. Especially Flinn Rider.

She has the sweetest little voice.We have had some concerns about her speech, but it is still the cutest when she asks for a "bullabye" (lullaby) or to eat a "packer" (cracker).

She loves coach Amy at her gymnastics class. After every class I remind all of my kids to tell their teachers and coaches thank you. Last week I forgot to remind Layla, but wen we were heading out the door she stopped and said she needed to go back and say thank you to coach Amy. So sweet she remembered on her own.

Perry and Layla still share a room. Perry really needs his own room, so out of necessity, Layla falls asleep in our room and we transfer her over to her and Perry's room when we go to bed. She really is too big to be sleeping in the pack and play. We still have it up in there, but most nights she climbs out and falls asleep on our bed. But not without getting into our bookshelf first. 

Love this girl. She brings so much happiness into our home.