May 28, 2014

a Kyler post

Kyler's laugh is infectious.

He is friends with just about everyone at school, but best friends with Collin.

Kyler tries hard to stand for the right on the bus and at school.

He has gotten into the habit of reading scriptures in the morning and then again before bed.

He loves playing gaga ball on the trampoline.

He works hard during gymnastics. My pictures don't do it justice, but he can do a really great hand stand.

Kyler is a wonderful big brother. When talking to Perry, he imitates the speech and language he has heard the therapists (and us) use. He tries hard to help Perry. He loves to take care of Layla. He is a great friend to Kacin.

He has led the reorganization/declutter of his room about five more times since my initial clean out.

This boy brings us so much happiness!