May 27, 2014

a Kacin post

Kacin is goofy. Always ready with a joke.

He is pretty much always one of the first ones done with any assignment at school.

His goal to read a chapter book each month has really sparked something in him. He is going above and beyond that goal and reading a variety of books. I've never seen him read so much!

He is the sweetest big brother. Look at this moment I was lucky enough to capture on my phone while we were going on a walk. This about sums it up.

Layla and Perry adore their Kacin. And Kacin adores them. He plays chase and monster and helps them in the shower and bath and loves to tuck Layla and Perry in at night.

Kacin is in the midst of a gymnastics session. He listens well and works hard. When he puts his mind to do something, he does it and does it well. He struggled with climbing the rope the first week, but has worked hard at it each week. He can now make it to the last knot! I wouldn't be surprised if he soon made it to the ceiling.

Kacin is our biggest sports fan. He loves talking ASU and Phoenix sports.

So grateful for my Kacin. He brings so much light into our lives.