May 31, 2014

Out Walking

I sometimes get mad or frustrated or tired, or just plain have a lot on my mind. 
My best remedy is to go out on a long walk.

Walks during this time of year are wonderful. It is warm and beautiful outside. I love the trails near our house because we get to walk through pretty paths.

Layla picks flowers as we walk through. She fell asleep in the stroller one afternoon clutching them.

Look at this beautiful sky.

One day when I was out with Perry a nice lady was gardening in her yard and let him pick some of her flowers.

We have also spent a couple of afternoons walking through the forest trails behind the park.

We have an extra one with us each afternoon after school and he is so sweet with our littles.

 Even though Kacin and Kyler aren't always thrilled to have a shadow, they do really well when Perry wants to stay right with them. Perry adores his big brothers and wants to do what they are doing and be right with them.

Which means I get to follow this cute one around.

May 30, 2014

sealing celebration

Even though it feels to me like we've celebrated this numerous times this year (here and here), the boys were pretty bummed when they realized we passed by their own sealing day in April without so much as a piece of cake. This led to a family meeting in which we decided that from this day forward all adoption/sealing celebrations (no matter what day you were actually sealed/adopted on) will be held henceforth and forever on the Saturday before Memorial day. 

So we got another celebration in this year. Yay for family!

On Saturday afternoon we drove to Bellevue. We went in to Deseret book store and let each kid pick out a small picture (keeping it real--by the end of the day Layla had ripped/chewed her picture of Jesus to shreds, and Perry didn't even make it to the picture choosing because of his screams and had to be escorted to the car).

But we stopped by DQ and everyone got dilly bars and peace was restored.

They ate them at the Seattle temple while Eric shared a short message about temples and sealing. 

It is always good to be reminded of how much it means to be a forever family. I love these people, and celebrating with them.

May 29, 2014

duck, truck, goose

After months of research and watching craigslist like a hawk, we got our husband and father back when he finally purchased a truck.

And Kacin was thrilled to be modeling it for you.

A friend came to us on Saturday with a duckling they rescued from some dogs. Except upon Eric's further internet investigation he believes that what we were all calling a duck is actually a Canadian goose. In that case, he may only be in our family for a short time. But for now, we are caring for this cute duck/goose.

May 28, 2014

a Kyler post

Kyler's laugh is infectious.

He is friends with just about everyone at school, but best friends with Collin.

Kyler tries hard to stand for the right on the bus and at school.

He has gotten into the habit of reading scriptures in the morning and then again before bed.

He loves playing gaga ball on the trampoline.

He works hard during gymnastics. My pictures don't do it justice, but he can do a really great hand stand.

Kyler is a wonderful big brother. When talking to Perry, he imitates the speech and language he has heard the therapists (and us) use. He tries hard to help Perry. He loves to take care of Layla. He is a great friend to Kacin.

He has led the reorganization/declutter of his room about five more times since my initial clean out.

This boy brings us so much happiness!

May 27, 2014

a Kacin post

Kacin is goofy. Always ready with a joke.

He is pretty much always one of the first ones done with any assignment at school.

His goal to read a chapter book each month has really sparked something in him. He is going above and beyond that goal and reading a variety of books. I've never seen him read so much!

He is the sweetest big brother. Look at this moment I was lucky enough to capture on my phone while we were going on a walk. This about sums it up.

Layla and Perry adore their Kacin. And Kacin adores them. He plays chase and monster and helps them in the shower and bath and loves to tuck Layla and Perry in at night.

Kacin is in the midst of a gymnastics session. He listens well and works hard. When he puts his mind to do something, he does it and does it well. He struggled with climbing the rope the first week, but has worked hard at it each week. He can now make it to the last knot! I wouldn't be surprised if he soon made it to the ceiling.

Kacin is our biggest sports fan. He loves talking ASU and Phoenix sports.

So grateful for my Kacin. He brings so much light into our lives.

May 26, 2014

a Layla post

According to Layla, if anything has the color pink on it, it is hers.

Her favorite friend is Ava. She loves her brothers.

She is the best shopper and helper.

She is often found playing with her babies, minnie mouse, barbies, or stuffed animals.

She often refers to herself as Layla Belle. Sometimes Layla Allred.

She loves Tangled. Especially Flinn Rider.

She has the sweetest little voice.We have had some concerns about her speech, but it is still the cutest when she asks for a "bullabye" (lullaby) or to eat a "packer" (cracker).

She loves coach Amy at her gymnastics class. After every class I remind all of my kids to tell their teachers and coaches thank you. Last week I forgot to remind Layla, but wen we were heading out the door she stopped and said she needed to go back and say thank you to coach Amy. So sweet she remembered on her own.

Perry and Layla still share a room. Perry really needs his own room, so out of necessity, Layla falls asleep in our room and we transfer her over to her and Perry's room when we go to bed. She really is too big to be sleeping in the pack and play. We still have it up in there, but most nights she climbs out and falls asleep on our bed. But not without getting into our bookshelf first. 

Love this girl. She brings so much happiness into our home.