April 8, 2014

White Blossoms

While walking through the park, Kyler pointed out this beautiful tree. White blossoms on a sunny day--so lovely!

Kacin's eye dr. is expecting her second child. That sweet mom was beaming. She commented at how put together I was for a mother of four. I think I laughed out loud at that comment. Maybe she knew I need some encouragement, seeing as this was the third appointment that day with all four kids in tow. And boy did we have some rough moments that day. At the end of the appointment, we were talking about her kids again and she asked if I had any advice for her.
Part of me felt like I could go on and on because I have learned so much and part of me had nothing to say.
This motherhood thing is a journey,
as you go, you grow.
I spurted something out to her, but if I wanted to add to it the thoughts swirling in my head lately it would be this:

Trust yourself--you are the perfect mother for your children. You aren't a perfect person, but you are perfect for them. Listen to your own voice. You have a voice. You'll know when your child is ready to potty train or when he needs extra hugs or when it's time to change dr.'s or start a new therapy, even when professionals, other moms, or those blogs you read tell you otherwise. There's many different ways to be a good mom. Be who you are. Make mistakes and keep trying. Be present and enjoy the small moments. 

I love these days. :)