April 21, 2014

these days

A Cafe Rio opened up just 15 min. from our house. Rejoice! I guess we don't have to move out of the state of Washington after all. We ate there free twice this week. It was packed both times. And every time we went we saw people we knew.

Eric had pink eye. Hence the glasses. And he worked from home for three whole days because of it. He was shut in our office so we didn't see him much during the day, but it was so nice to see him in the morning and have him home for dinner. I'm glad he has a good job, but I hate his hour commute so this was a treat for me.

Perry's therapy is going much better for him. Layla loves coming to "ABC" (as she calls ABA therapy) at "Julie's house" (as she calls the therapy office building). While Perry works with Julie, we play. Perry joins us often for short breaks.

We have a half hour commute to therapy and one and a half to two hours at the office. I've figured out how to make the most of this time by listening to podcasts in the car and using the time when Perry and Layla are occupied to read my scriptures, look over my to-do list, catch up on emails, and sometimes even read a book.

I got Perry his breakfast one morning then came up to find Layla who prettied herself up.

She's all potty-trained now. It took a day. I'm so glad I waited until I felt we were all good and ready though. It made it so easy. I guess I didn't need to be as scared about it as I was.

We broke out our souvenir glowing ice cubes (from Disneyland) one night and put them in some mango-raspberry lemonade.  Yum and so cool. Kyler and Kacin put the cubes in everything for 2 days straight.

I finished my spring cleaning/major declutter. Well, at least stage one. For stage one I made a list of every drawer, cupboard, or area in the house (about 45 on my list). I set a reasonable deadline with a goal to go through one spot each day. In reality, some days I did more and some days I did nothing. I gave stuff away, threw things out, and wiped down every drawer and shelf.

Stage two is the garage. I am nominating Eric to head that one up. I'm setting the deadline for July 1st. Wish us luck.

I love that Kyler and Kacin have caught my cleaning bug. I keep finding them going through their desk drawers and organizing and getting rid of things. It makes me smile. And there room has never been so tidy!