April 14, 2014

Spring Break in the Lodge

Seven families for three nights in one great big lodge is just about the best spring break one could have.
The Dougal's, Richardson's, Peterson's, Wright's, Heath's, Allred's and (not pictured *sad* because they had to leave early) the Kenyon's

Each family got a little room to sleep in. There was plenty of hallway and rooms to ride bikes in. There was a fireplace. Not to mention the foosball, pool, and ping pong. We had a massive kitchen, dining, room, bathroom, and playground.  It was perfect for everyone to run around, play, and relax in.

Each night after dinner we gathered for a group activity. The first night there was a raffle and all the kids walked away with a prize.

The second night we played a couple of group games. It was a bit of a challenge coming up with games that would work for our group of 30 something people, ages ranging from 2-adult. I settled on Pulse and Giants, Wizards, and Elves. Here they are collaborating for Giants, Wizards, and Elves (it's a game similar to Paper, Rock, Scissors).

The third night the kids made up and performed short skits.

Every night, after we got the kids in bed, the adults gathered for a "meeting" (aka play games, eat treats, and talk).

Every morning I pulled out my yoga mat. It was my favorite when this guy joined me.

The weather was nice enough while we were there that we went on a couple of outings around the ranch. We rode horses, paddled canoes, and went on a "hay" ride (minus the hay).

How little she is on that big horse! L LOVED riding the horse.

as close as Perry would get. He was much happier on his bike.

Some people went out shooting guns (the safety talk was with a nerf gun, but they did go shoot real guns).

We all had so much fun with these great people.

We are looking forward to spring break next year!