April 30, 2014

getting through the week dreaming of summer

an easter bouquet by kyler and layla

I am the type of person who would much rather be busy than have nothing to do, but man this week is kicking me in the bum.

I am questioning my decision to potty train Layla because diapers were so much easier for the on the go demands of therapy appointments and carpools and sports practices. Port-a-potties are gross. Public bathrooms are gross. Accidents in underwear are gross.

On a brighter note, the weather this week has been so summer-esque. It makes me excited for summer break just 6ish weeks away. I'm already thinking about our summer program for this year. It went so well for us last year here, but we will be adjusting it a lot to make it work with all of our summer plans. And we have a lot of adventures planned :) :).

With our nice weather, Eric and I rode our bikes for date night to the town center to have dinner. We talked about how each of our kids are doing in 5 different areas (emotional, spiritual, social, mental, and physical). We went through each area and jotted some notes down. I got the idea from listening to a power of moms podcast. I'm already so glad we did this. I can see a difference it has made in me and E as a team supporting our children. It was a simple thing, but we walked away from dinner more aware and with simple ideas and plans to help our kids. I know we will make this a regular for us.

Holly Decker said...

your life is magical! i love those podcasts. amen to potty training. xo

Jacqui said...

I agree with potty training.... Ugh to public bathrooms! I just got these flushable toilet covers from babies r us that totally cover the toilet and where they hold on with their hands... For those extreme emergencies! Josh tries to just hold her above the toilet, but she won't go that way!