April 22, 2014

Easter Weekend

The Easter message is simple and significant--He lives! Jesus Christ died on the cross and was resurrected. Because of this we will all be resurrected and I can live with my family forever. I'm grateful for these sweet, silly, and sometimes crazy people. We made some good memories during our Easter weekend.

It was the first time L and Perry have dyed Easter eggs.  

L wanted all her eggs yellow.

Well, at least she did until she saw how much fun Perry was having dipping and dunking over and over again.

Perry had a smashing good time coloring those eggs. Literally. All of his eggs looked something like this when he was done.  :)

Kyler and Kacin both took a step back from coloring their eggs because Perry was intensely into the experience and cracked a few of their eggs. They watched Perry go at it until his eggs were done and Eric took him away to go outside for awhile. Then the boys jumped back into decorating a special egg for each person in our family.

Kyler made this Teddy Roosevelt egg for his dad.

Sunday morning was my favorite. Kyler and Kacin climbed into our bed (we told them not until 7am). We wanted to start our day out right. Before Easter baskets, eggs, and candy, we wanted to talk about the true meaning of Easter. We watched a video, read scriptures, and each shared our thoughts about this significant event. It was a perfect moment with our oldest boys.

Then it was time for the Easter baskets, pancakes for breakfast, and a little egg hunt in the living room.

After church, we had the Nielsen's, Fish's and Dabell's over for Easter dinner and an egg hunt in our backyard.

These are the only pictures I got of the egg hunt because eggs needed to be counted and hints needed to be given to find the golden egg, and egg hunts just go so fast.

The older kids had to wait a minute to give the youngers a chance. Look at them ready to go.

What a happy Easter weekend.
Suzanne said...

You busy, busy mom! You live life and take care of busy little people and make memories and host people and read your scriptures and you still manage to do blog posts about it! I am so impressed. However hard it is, you will be so glad a month and a year and 20 years from now! I want to know your secret.