March 12, 2014

These Days

Perry asked to hold Layla's hand while we walked him out to the bus one day. It was the sweetest thing. As soon as I pulled out my phone to take a picture, Layla pulled away.

It is amazing how much easier it is to keep your house clean when you have less stuff. Since Christmas I've been in the mood to declutter, declutter. We've made a stop at the goodwill donation drop off almost every week. Not to mention the toys/trinkets/trash that have been dropped into the trash. The more stuff we get out of our house, the better I feel. And the better our rooms look. Sometimes it's hard to let go of things. I put things into a bag and then let them sit in the garage for a week or two and if we don't notice/don't miss them being gone, we let it go (no one has even missed a thing I've bagged up.)

Perry has begun ABA therapy. We go three days a week for two hour long sessions. The first week was so rough. After two days we had gone through one column out of three of the preference assessment. He spent the majority of the time screaming, spitting, throwing things, and hitting, and occasionally calming down in my arms until they tried to get him to work again. Week two is better than one. The therapist took a step back from the original plan and so he is working into it all slowly. As hard as it is right now, we know this will be good for him in the long run.

E has been really busy at work the last few weeks. Late nights for him mean dinners by myself with the kids. By dinnertime, I am often oh so tired to begin with. And meal times are hardly easy right now. So I've been relying on music to recharge, help everyone calm down, and bring in some fun. We pulled out a CD player and some of our old CD's to listen to (oldies, Jimmy Eat World, Nat King Cole, the mix CD) while we clean up dinner and then dance to when we are done. We take turns choosing which CD to play. Kacin says he loves rock music.

There was real sunshine yesterday and it was still light outside at 6:30pm! So we headed out back to play until E got home.

The boys performance of Alice in Wonderland is this weekend. They have had play practices nearly every day the last few weeks. We are looking forward to the show!