March 5, 2014

our trip days 2 and 3 and 4

We did about 9 hours of driving the second day of our trip to CA. Except it took much longer than that to get to the next hotel because every stop took at least 20 min. and we stopped more than we planned because someone wasn't feeling well in the morning. One of our stops ended up being at a mall. We walked our kids across the mall to the play area. and Perry refused to play. So that was that and we walked ourselves all the way out again. But I did run into a store and made a purchase so not a complete bust of a stop.

On Sunday, we finished up the last 6 hours. We stopped at a rest stop along the way for a picnic, a game of red light green light, and riding a bike down a hill. Not a comfortable hill either, mind you. That bark was very, very poky and probably not made for games with kids.

We were so excited to get to our hotel and have the Schlinks in the room next to us! Natalie, Cheston, and Nancy came over to our hotel, too. We all got dinner and some of us went swimming.

On Monday, we spent the morning at Newport Beach with the Schlinks.

 Eric's family joined us in the afternoon.

Then we headed to our Disneyland resort hotel to let the Disney magic begin!
We walked around Downtown Disney and got checked into our hotel.

That evening we gathered together in our hotel room and Eric and the other Melchizedek Priesthood holders who were there layed their hands on Layla and Perry's heads in turn and Eric gave them each their "baby" blessing. It was a happy, special time for our family.