March 19, 2014

our trip day 6 and 7 and 8, disneyland


three days of 
magical memories
(in no order whatsoever)

the parade! Layla LOVED the parade especially.

Cars ride!

One night we were about to go onto Indiana Jones, but we were pulled aside for a private tour on the Jungle Cruise ride (Disney Magic! And don't worry we got right on Indiana Jones afterwards) . . .

so worn out at the end of the day . . .

tired kids relaxing in Mickey's house . . .

Now over to Minnie's place .. .

The last night we were there, we rode the rapids ride. over and over again. and over. We got pretty wet the first two times, and then some people gave us their garbage bags and ponchos for the next few rides around. :)

It was so wonderful spending three days at one of the happiest places on earth with cousins and uncles and aunts and sisters and grandma (though I can't lie a group of 12 is hard to keep together;) ). It was waaaay more crowded than we expected. Thank goodness for our "Perry Pass", as it was fondly called (disability pass) or there is no way we could've ridden anything with Perry, or without waiting for an hour. Perry loved all the rides once he got on them.

I can not believe that we did not get a picture of it, but Jacqui and Josh got us set up for dinner at the Blue Bayou (the restaurant at Pirates of the Caribbean) and even watched our kids so we could have a romantic dinner for two. It was so nice for Eric and I to just sit there and relax after going so hard and managing everyone. And I loved my lemonade. Like a lot. It was wonderful. The dinner was wonderful. And my company was the best.

Everyone was so tired at the end of three days, which I think at Disneyland equates to the fact that lots of fun was had. (but I still think that next time we go for four days because we still didn't get to do everything we wanted to!;) )