March 17, 2014

our trip day 5, the rest of the day

After our sealing and lunch and saying goodbye to some of our family, we headed back to our hotel. 
I had big plans to organize all of our suitcases and our stuff, 
and maybe spend some time at the pool. 
My sweet sisters had other plans for me and Jacqui.

They forced us into the car and wouldn't tell us where we were going. Feeling scared!

I was still scared when I saw what we were doing--pedicures. The second one of my life. 
Do you know how ticklish I am??
I had to concentrate really hard and breath deeply when she scrubbed my feet so I wouldn't kick her in the head, but, other than those few moments, it was nice to relax and be pampered a bit all while spending time with my three sisters.

Mickey toes!