March 18, 2014

broken leg

Do you remember how much fun my kids were having on the trampoline those days that the sun was shining?

Trampolines are bad!!!
Never let your kids jump on a trampoline again.
(um, don't look, Kacin is out on ours right now as I type this)

Trampolines break legs.

The boys got home from play practice at 6:15pm on Thursday night. They were supposed to be leaving for cub scouts at 6:45pm. We have had so much going on lately and the performance was the next day, I decided it would be best to skip scouts so we didn't have to rush dinner, we could have some down time as a family, and everyone could get to bed early. After dinner, I let the kids outside to play and jump on the trampoline. Around 7:30, Layla jumped and landed weird (my best guess--possibly someone fell on her too). When I got crying L off the trampoline, I could just tell something was wrong. This was not her normal cry. She couldn't crawl to me so I lifted her off the tramp and went inside to check her out. Nothing looked or felt broken. We put ice on her leg. She wouldn't straighten her leg and the toes on her left foot were crossed over in a weird position. I thought at first she couldn't move her toes, but eventually she wiggled them. I called Eric right away who (luckily!) was on his way home from work. I told him I thought Layla's leg was broken so not to go run that errand I needed him to do and just come home. He was home around 7:45pm and I told him Layla needed to go to the Dr. He doubted me, but when he saw she couldn't stand he agreed. He jumped in the car. One walk-in clinic (with only a PA on duty who said she couldn't help--even though I called and checked the website first but ok, thanks for wasting an hour for us)  and one Seattle hospital later, it was confirmed we had one broken legged girl.

My poor girl.
It is a small break just below her knee.
We are hopeful it will just take a few weeks to heal. We go to the orthopedist tomorrow to get the hard cast on and find out more.

This girl has gotten lots of love since her break--phone calls, a coloring book in the mail from her aunt, at her request "barbie" cupcakes, and a balloon and a gift from wonderful Sundi.

I can't help but laugh--of course this broken leg happened 
just when I thought my life couldn't get crazier. 
We get a little more spice in our life. :)
Things like this always remind me to slow down a bit and remember what's most important (my people).