March 27, 2014

Alice in Wonderland Performance

I got to help backstage during the dress rehearsal and the first performance of Alice in Wonderland. I was impressed with how prepared these kids were. I had never read the entire script before and knew nothing about their props and which side they should enter from, but these kids had it all under control.

My crazy two of hearts

And three of hearts.

Getting stage makeup on.

I snuck into the boys dressing room to take a few pictures of what happens backstage. The secret to those good looks is all the time spent in front of the mirror, and yelling at your mom to go away and stop taking pictures.

 The group gathered together to hear from their director right before the Friday night performance. The music director led them in an energy circle.

There was so much excitement backstage during this first performance. The kids were thrilled to see familiar faces in the audience and anxious for their time on stage. Kacin was glowing about the big applause and Kyler was having so much fun he told us he is already looking forward to next year's play.

On Saturday we were in the audience and I loved watching my boys perform. They were confident and cute.

Their bios they wrote up on their own for the program and their pictures hanging in the foyer . . .