February 11, 2014

this week

Perry said the closing prayer in primary on Sunday. I love to hear him pray. He has the pattern down (but unfortunately still has an aversion to all male words--still won't say daddy, poor Eric--and says "heavenly mama".) He begins his prayer then names everything he is thankful for, or that he sees., then ends with a clear "Amen". We never know for sure what he's saying but it usually includes the word "car". It is wonderful to hear him pray.

Layla says sweet prayers, too. But the boys have the hardest time staying reverent when she prays. Last night they broke out in giggles and couldn't stop when she prayed "thank thee for the lights" twice and then prayed for just about everyone she knows "Hannah in her house, and Abby house, and Josh"etc. You can bet if she knows you she has prayed for you. Isn't that the sweetest thing? A good example to me to pray for the individual people in my life.

Kyler thinks that since he is ten he doesn't have to be in pictures anymore. He is wrong, but he keeps fighting me on it whenever the camera comes out.

The boys school play is about a month away. They are both cards. They have practices two or three times a week. I love to hear them singing their songs, even if it is "Off with their heads!" for their scene with the Queen of Hearts.

We had dinner at a friends house on Sunday and they have a dog. We now know that Perry is terrified of dogs! Oh man, did he scream and cling when that dog moved or came close to him. I actually think he has a fear of all animals. We were walking together to get the mail one day and a bird flew out of a tree and slightly overhead and he grabbed my leg and screamed then, too. I don't want him to be like me and have a fear of animals his whole life. Poor kid. Kacin, on the other hand, loves animals, especially dogs. We will probably never have a dog though. Poor kid.

Layla does this every day.

She packs and repacks food and clothes and whatever else she finds "for our trip" into lots and lots of  bags and moves them to various locations in our house.

Perry joined her on her packing when I pulled out the suitcases.

Some more of Layla's packing.

Perry fell asleep with his red sunglasses on.

Holly Decker said...

i love you times one hundred. xo

Jenna Allen said...

I can't even decide which story is cutest.

Stefanie Hyer said...

That is all too cute!!! Preston packs everyday to go "camping" or "hunting". Layla is adorable with her pony tail! I can't wait for Rylie to have hair!! There was a couple times my boys had that same terrifying experience with animals at people's houses... Luckily they are not as bad anymore... Still on occasion though....