February 3, 2014

Super Sunday

Everywhere I looked last week I saw the Seahawks blue and green, 12's and flags, super bowl, super bowl, super bowl . . .

My boys have watched maybe 4 football games in their entire lives (and those games probably weren't even the Seahawks), but last week they talked about the players like they've been avid fans following the team for ages. Just about every conversation had something to do with the Seahawks.

By the way, the football fever was the perfect segue for a family home evening lesson about being encouraging to each person in our family, being happy and proud when someone else does well, not competing against each other, but cheering for each other (go team Allred!). We pulled out a cheerleading skirt to try on and everything. The boys were a little frightening in that blue skirt, but do you know how cute Layla was yelling "Go, team, go! Allred!" and pumping her fist?

Anyways, yesterday was super bowl sunday. At the beginning of our marriage, Eric and I committed to each other that in order to help us better keep the sabbath day holy we would not watch TV on Sunday. And we've stuck to that, even on super bowl sunday.

With our state's team in the super bowl and all the excitement about it bursting from our boys, I wondered if we should make an exception this time and go to the super bowl party we were invited to or watch the game from home. Eric and I agreed though that once you make one exception it's so easy to rationalize another and another. And we've loved how Sundays go without tv. It made it so easy that our boys didn't even ask about watching the game because they already know what our family does.

With this on my mind and a twinge of guilt/wonder about making the right decision for our family, I began noticing all the things I love about our Sundays. We got a little extra sleep in the morning. The kids (like Kacin, too!) read books. Eric and I made final preparations for our primary lesson. We got ready for church. We spent a nice three hours at church. We came home and ate a lunch (a very snacky lunch in honor of the super bowl--chips and dip, yogurt and apples, taquitos). We read aloud a chapter from the Hobbit as we cleaned up.We played with some toys and cleaned up some more messes. Layla and Perry napped. We played a board game together.The boys played another board game together while Eric and I did nothing and talked. We went on a short walk. The boys got creative with some markers and construction paper. We had dinner. The kids danced and sang to the Frozen songs, on repeat over and over. There was some wrestling. And we ended the day with a game of hide and seek in the dark. It was so relaxing and low key and we got to spend lots of quality time together doing a variety of different things. And that's why I love our sundays.

(I write all these posts for our family record and the blog book I create each year , but I know I have like 5 people out there who read this blog, so please don't think that I think that it is bad to watch the super bowl, K? :) I just wanted a record for my family of our little life while this was fresh in my mind.)

Floating around on facebook or something is a post about some siblings who, as adults, recreated some of their childhood photos for their mom. This would be a good one for that someday:

:) :)