February 27, 2014

Be My Valentine, our trip day 1

I love Valentine's day. It is still my favorite holiday.
Even though I did not get around to making our traditional candy bar cookies. Sad.
I was too busy packing and preparing for that fun trip we went on.

All of the kids made their own Valentine's.

Kyler spent so much time on folding and coloring these cool Valentine's for the boys in his class. He stuck a candy inside each finger puppet.

 He decided to go with hearts for the girls.

Kacin made hearts for everyone.

Perry and Layla also decorated hearts with dot stampers and pens. It was so sweet hearing Layla name off each of her little friends as she decorated each heart. Perry passed out Valentine's to his friends at school.

Layla heard the boys talking about their valentine's day parties at school so she kept asking me when her party was. I caved and invited two of her friends over for a "party" to eat a snack and make a valentine and play.

I got to go in and help with Kacin's Valentine's day party and dropped by Kyler's party.

I was in charge of the game--Valentine's pictionary

On Valentine's evening we watched a friends kids for a short time and held our very own Valentine's Day Olympics. We just played games like heart bean bag toss, musical hearts (stand on felt hearts instead of chairs), pictionary, name that famous couple with three clues or less, etc. and announced the winners as receiving gold, silver, and bronze. The three competitive older boys here were very good at keeping track of which medals they "won" in their heads. And Kacin awarded himself a medal for eating the most at dinner.

We said good bye to those friends and sometime between 7:15 and 7:30 we hopped in the car and began our journey to California. We traveled about 4 hours and stopped at a hotel in Salem, OR.