January 25, 2014

this week

Perry went to his first movie theater movie to see Frozen. He sat on my lap through the whole thing. My arms went numb a few times from the way he was leaning back on me so I was grateful every time a song came on and he started rocking and singing along and so then my arms got a bit of a break. And we couldn't have done it without his backpack which carried snacks, juice, and his blanket. It was a fun outing with my three boys.

The sun is shining today and I am about to head out to clean the mini-van. That would be the car that Eric refused to drive the other day because it smelled funny (I think the culprit was a spilled water bottle and some left over treats from a birthday party a boy went to). Before I head out to to do this task and make our car not so dirty and unpleasant to climb into, I want to remind myself of some things I have been extra grateful for this week: sun, fresh air, a vacuum cleaner, my dishwasher, yoga, Mickey Mouse shows, grocery stores, recycling and garbage trucks/workers, hot showers, notebooks, kind people, the Piano Guys music, my ipod, and Facetime. Lots of good things in my life.
Stefanie Hyer said...

Grateful for FaceTime to see ME!?? Good job to Perry on his first movie theater outing and to YOU for helping him to enjoy it and being such a good momma to go through arm pain! :)