January 9, 2014

Ready for 2014

We met as a family on Monday night for our yearly theme reveal and goal setting.

2014 Theme: 
Be an example in small ways each day.

We set our goals differently than we have in the past. We decided on lots of family goals and only one individual goal. We also decided that we would make it part of our FHE routine to quickly look over our goals together (hopefully this way we won't forget what it is we said we wanted to do, like we did last year!).

Our goals this year:
1. Finish reading The Hobbit
2. Pray specifically for the missionaries by name and for missionary experiences
3. Save money to donate $*** to the General Mission Fund
4. Share your testimony in Sacrament meeting
5. Read scriptures as a family (we determined 7:30 am and E is adjusting his work schedule as best he can to be there most days)
6. Continue to write in our journals on Sundays
7. Someone from our family will attend the temple monthly
8. Go camping 5 times
9. Speak kindly to each other
10. Practice our instruments consistently

potty train

learn to pedal a bike

read 12 chapter books

practice soccer each week

do the splits

participate in sports each week (play basketball, golf, etc.)

A few of my favorite bloggers out there who don't even know I exist are Shawni at 71Toes and Jen at Denton Sanatorium. They each choose one word to focus on each year. I've never tried it before, but this year a certain word popped into my mind and won't leave my head so I am giving it a go. 

My word for 2014 is listen.
Listen to my kids and find out intentions before I get upset about something that happens.
Really listen to my kids and be "present" when they tell me about school or a project or friends or even those things I have no interest in, but they do (could I be speaking about minecraft and legos?).
Listen to promptings of the Spirit to act.
Be a better listener and try to remember what people tell me and what is going on in their lives. 
Read my scriptures and then listen.
Listen to Eric when he gives me a compliment and believe him instead of responding with doubt, denial, and negative talk.
Be still, reflect more, and listen.
Andrea said...

This is so awesome. You are such a good mom Laura!!!

Also, i love Shawni too!! (she has no clue who i am either)

Suzanne said...

You always inspire me.

*Ashley said...

I've been so behind in the blogging world and was just catching up on yours. Congrats on your two new additions!! You guys are such a cute and awesome family! I love your idea of family themes! I think we're going to steal it this year! Hopefully we'll get to see you guys and meet the two little ones sometime soon!