January 20, 2014

Pinewood Derby

Like I said, we were so behind on making our pinewood derby cars this year. We finished up putting the wheels on just minutes before it was time to leave.

After we arrived and got the boys checked in and weight adjusted, I started talking to a friend. This was her first year having her two boys both with cars and she was telling me she was worried about them racing against each other and if one overall did better than the other etc. She asked me how I dealt with it last year. Well, honestly I don't remember it being an issue last year. Maybe because last year both boys didn't do so well. :) I wasn't worried.

Five minutes into it I hear Kacin yell to Kyler--"Ha, my car beat yours!" The bishop leaned over and  said "A little sibling rivalry, eh?"

So the rest of the night we dealt with one excited boy who kept winning his races and ended up in 2nd place overall and one disappointed boy who didn't fare so well in the win category, but had a pretty cool looking car anyway.

I was so torn between being really excited that Kacin was doing so well and being sad with Kyler who was so devastated about how his car was performing.

So we had a real life lesson in good sportsmanship. It took only a few conversations and everyone moved on and everything was just peachy again. Love these two boys and so proud of their hard work and cool designs!

Kyler's car:

Kacin's car:

 Cute spectators:

the troop: